Summer television

There’s certain downsides to summer.   Mainly, all the bigtime tv shows are on hiatus during the summer months.   However, there’s a few of my favorite shows that start up in May-June, and that’s a good thing.   For example:

“Hell’s Kitchen” – a great reality show about a top level chef screaming at morons who can’t make entrees for his high end clients.
“Psych” – a relatively new show, only going into season two, but very funny.   Our main character’s not psychic, but he pretends to be, so he can work with the local police, of which is dad used to be one, to help solve crime.   Very funny.
“Rescue Me” – arguably one of the, if not the, best tv shows to come out in recent years.   Every previous show that Denis Leary’s done has gotten axed before its first season ended.   “Rescue Me” is now in its fourth season, and is highly regarded in the industry, and has won numerous awards across the board.   If you’ve never seen “Rescue Me”, crawl out from the rock you’re living under, and turn on FX Wednesday nights at 10PM EST.

While I miss the”Numb3rs”, “Law & Order: SVU”, “ER”, “The Office”, etc, of the regular season, the summer months have some benefits, as well.   Not only is it gorgeous in the Boston area, weatherwise, but tv isn’t completely terrible.

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