Month: January 2009

It’s Mega cold in Boston today

-9 is colder than normal for Boston

-9 is colder than normal for Boston

That’s the widget on my desktop that tells me the temperature outside.   It says -9 right now.   I thought it was bad enough when it said 4 yesterday, but I guess not.   Bundle up, Bostonians.

I wonder what the temperature is with the wind child.   -9 is without it.   I’m pretty sure someone’s going to freeze to death today.   I’m thankful it won’t be me.

Beware of Facebook scammers

Now that Facebook’s becoming more and more popular, I find myself often leaving the window open.   It’s a great way to reconnect with old friends, or keep up to date on what others are doing.

Earlier today, I got a message from the boyfriend of a friend of my wife’s.   Confusing, I know, but follow me.

He and I have talked on occasion when the girls get together, and generally get along fine.   We’re not, however, close enough that I’d ever ask him to borrow money, and vise versa.

I was surprised when he Facebook IM’d me, and asked to borrow $600. After chatting a bit, it was evident that I was talking to someone in a third world country.   Using phrases like:

well i just want to tell you that i needed some money to transfer to one off my good friend


ok like how much can you raised for me

It was pretty evident that this wasn’t the guy I knew, seeing as how he’s pretty well spoken.   So I asked “him”, if I could meet him at his office to drop the money off. (He lives and works in New York. I live in Boston.   Pretty unlikely I’d drive down there to lend him the money.)   Mr. Spammer didn’t know that, and immediately signed off.

I sent a message to his girlfriend (my wife’s friend) to let her know that he’d gotten hacked.

So be wary.   An odd Facebook message should be treated the same way as an odd e-mail.   Just because it comes from a friend of yours’ account, doesn’t mean it’s your friend.

2009 is here

It’s true what they say, the older you get, the faster the years go by.   I can barely remember 2008. It seems to have gone by so fast.   I’m not complaining, just pointing it out.

Another new year brings all sorts of new things, for a lot of people. New Year’s Resolutions are a big thing, of which I made quite a few, and am doing okay 6 days into the year.   That’s a good thing.

I’ve begun the official job hunt yesterday.   Now that the end of the year’s happened, more people will be filling open jobs, and I’ve got to get one pretty soon.   As much design work as I’ve been doing the last 6 weeks, I’m getting pretty bored sitting at home all day.   Hopefully something good comes along soon.

As you may have read in an earlier post, I’ve been typing up buttloads of lyrics over the last few months.   I’m about halfway done.   I think, at last check, I had completed the J lyrics.   And am going alphabetically. So it’ll be a while longer before anyone can get to that page, and read some of them. (Unless Google already indexed the hidden page, and you happen to search for something I’ve written about.)

There’s still been no update on the Peerflix/LiveUniverse situation.   I’m giving them to the end of the month to contact me to pay me, or I’m going to Channel 5’s “Buyer Beware” to see if they’ll do a piece on the situation.   From what I’ve read, there’s at least 60 people that have been vocal about being screwed out of money.

We launched the new design on MovieSnobs back in late December, ahead of schedule. I think it came out pretty nice, and there’s a bunch of new feature which I’m proud of.   It may look pretty similar to the last design we had, and that’s intentional.   It’s just more streamlined now, with more information, and a better UI to help find stuff faster on the site. (At least I think so, anyway.)

That’s about all I can update on my life right now.   Not much else is going on in the life of me.