Month: March 2015

Spring is almost here

This winter has been brutal. Long, cold, lots of snow, the whole nine yards.

It doesn’t help that the driveway at the new house is big enough for 10+ cars. So needless to say, the new snowblower I bought has gotten its fair share of use.

It’s been 50+° the last couple of days, which has lead to some serious snow melting, a little bit of water in my basement (which, in fairness, is 120 years old this year), and all of the ice melting off my roof. I spent about an hour out there last night with a hammer breaking up the remaining big chunks of it, and we’re completely ice free now, which is nice.

I look forward to Spring arriving. I’m really excited to explore the entirety of the property. When I closed on the house it was December, so too cold to go out into the wooded area in the backyard. I’m also excited about planting a garden and starting to progress on the addition that’s being planned.

Lots of big projects coming soon and I’m really excited about all of them. Not about spending batches of tens of thousands of dollars, but about being “home”.