Mike JandreauWho is Mike Jandreau?  If you Google me, you’ll find all sorts of different bits of information, which unless you know how to separate them could be quite confusing.

There are, at least to my knowledge, three separate Mike Jandreaus that’ll come up on Google:

  1. Me
  2. Mike Jandreau – the chief of a Sioux Indian tribe (who has passed away since this was originally written)
  3. Mike Jandreau – the guitar player from Maine

Rest assured, I’m not the Indian chief, nor am I from Maine.

I’m just your average guy, really.  I’ve worked around computers for most of my 31 40 years, thanks to a dad who was always into that stuff.  It’s how I make my living these days.  Specifically building and maintaining websites.  I love what I do, and love that I taught myself how to do it.

I used to write quite a bit when I was younger.  I’d estimate I’ve written over 500 sets of song lyrics.  I fell out of that for many years, but am trying to get back into it these days.  Writing is something that sort of never leaves you. Sure, you have lulls when you have nothing interesting to say. But it always comes back.

I’m a movie buff. Any type really – action, adventure, drama, rom com, etc.  I like pretty much all types of movies, some more than others.

I’m also a technology nut.  I love getting new toys – TiVos, HDTVs, computer gear, etc.  If it’s new and shiny, chances are that I want it.

That about sums me up. Like I said, I’m really just your average guy in his late 30s40s trying to make it though each day.