Response to my previous post

After my previous post on Best Buy’s inability to know anything, I received an e-mail from Robert Stephens.   Who’s that, you wonder?   I thought the same thing.   The e-mail was titled “The Geek Squad”, nothing more, nothing less.

So I opened it, and decided to see if it was someone else who had a negative experience with “The Geek Squad”.   Turns out, Robert Stephens is the guy who founded the squad back in 1994.   Based on my traffic logs, he must have had a Google alert type alarm set up for negative things about his team.   Within 12 hours of posting, I’d already had an email back, completely without solicitation.

My original post was merely a warning that should always be careful when making a purchase.   Not everyone knows everything.   I wasn’t looking to bad mouth the Geek Squad or get any type of freebies out of the deal.

Robert asked me if the 64-bit version was working, or if I wanted him to comp me a copy of the software.   I thanked him, and let him know I was all set, and that I was up and running.

Nice guy.

Coincidentally, I just got my delivery of the 8 gigs of PC-5300 DDR2 that I ordered two days ago, and installed it. 64-bit Vista is now just as fast, if not faster than 32-bit.   I ran the Windows Performance test through Vista, and got the same score (a 5.8).   I’m guessing the PC-6400 I wanted to buy (but was out of stock) would have pushed me up to the 5.9 mark.   Oh well. I’m happy, for now.

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