I Fall Apart

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Fall apart, I seem to fall apart
I can’t help it, I fall apart

You’re the voice that keeps me strong
You right everything I’ve made wrong
You fix the hurt, you help the pain
I hope you never, go away.

Waking up to your smile
Knowing that it’s all worth while
Trying to reassure
That there’s nothing I want more

Without you I seem to break
Tough decisions I won’t make
Your word of advice I need
If I want, to succeed

Your smile tells me, I’ll be fine
Your soothing voice, seems to remind
Me of a time, when things were great
Of a time I know, it’s not too late.

And in the future, I can see
A perfect life, for both you and me.
A dream I feel, will come to life
A dream that seems to feel so right.

Endless days, without your touch
Countless nights, they hurt so much
Not knowing where to go from now
Trying not to fall apart.

I seem to need you everyday
This constant need, will not fade
Every hour, I feel you
So much life, what to do?

I fall apart, I seem to fall apart
I can’t help it, I fall apart.