It’s been four long years, but I’m outta here.
Say so long, but I still care.
Friends left behind, but I look back.
Look around, I’m on the wrong track.
Take with the left, shake with the right
Not gonna miss graduation night
Look in the eyes of all those left
Look in the face of all the best
Watching four years going by
Make something of life before you die

It’s been four long years that I look on
Look up one day, and we’ll be gone
Friends left behind, pull us back
Look around, get on which track?
Take away all that I’ve been here
Say so long, but I still care
Walk down the aisle, with my cap and gown
No way any one will push me down
Life has been too good to me
What I make of myself, they will see.

It’s been so hard, but I made it
After all these other people’s shit
Deal with it through all this time
Taking back what’s rightfully mine
Four long years that I look back
Life is mine, on my own track
Feel what I feel, know what I know
Gotta hold on, can’t let go
Say go long, but I still care
Thinking back on four years here.

Think of life, how it’ll be
Think of all the people who rely on me
How is it gonna be, on my own?
I still care, but say so long
Life will be twisted and bent
In school, the last twelve years were spent
Learning and knowing to be who I am
Nobody there to hold my hand
Walk me through, step by step
These time people, will not forget

Sit and think way back when
Remember me as a freshmen
Take the time to look back now
Don’t forget all someway, somehow
Think of life, going out there
Say so long, but I still care
Alone with nothing I’m used to
Kicked int he ass, what do I do?
Don’t really wanna leave this place?
Painstaking look on my face

Time has come to say goodbye
Out int he real world, gotta try
Make what you can of yourself
Don’t hold your life on a shelf
Make life limitless for you
Be what you are, do what you do
Don’t let anyone say you’re wrong
I still care, but say so long
I know we’re getting outta here
Say so long, but I still care.