When she said good-bye
I felt the tear form in my eye.
I felt & heard my heart break
Everything I’d give, I knew she’d take.
I’m all alone.
I’ve got no one.
Living in fear.
Why aren’t you here?
One last look
Before I go
Why can’t I know?

What did I do?
To offend you?
What did I say?
Why did you leave or go away?
Living with the pain
Living with guilt  of what I did
But I don’t know
Where should I go?
Should I come and confront you?
I can’t just forget about you
Though I’ve tried
I’ve also cried
One last look
Before I go

Is there hope?
Without you I will cope
With the skies turning gray
Day after day after day
So I deal with the hate
I think it’s my fate
Do you know everything?
Do you remember the very beginning?
The day we met.
It’s your sweet touch, I’ll never forget.
Out of the corner of my eye.
Over the top of a book.
I give you, one last look>
Before I go
When can I know?