I fake my life, to pelase others
do what they want me to
Maybe someday, I’ll grow a spine
Maybe someway, she’ll be mine
I try to hide the pain
Under this mask I wear
I try to hide the pain
Under my strenuous fear

For the last forever
I’ve lived as though I’ve died
Living under their power
Hour after hour
Where’s the solution?
I change for my resolution
For the last forever
I’ve lived as though I’ve died

Bottled up inside
Like a volcano, ready to erupt
My life isn’t even mine
My life is so corrupt
Living this life
I’ll either live or I’ll die
I bid you farewell
Oh, what the hell?
What’s going on in this day?

I live as though I’ll die
Kiss my life goodbye
I won’t be coming back
My life was ont he wrong track
I gotta live for myself
Gotta live for who I wanna be
Watching life pass me by
I wish she would be mine

She is off with my friend
Says she’ll stay with him, until the end
She says that she wants me
She’s so blind, she can’t see
I’ve been waiting here
For the last forever

Only she can hear my cry
My tears will last forever
I’ll cry on this life
For it is not my own
Bottled up inside
Better off if I could die
Only she can hear me cry.

I live as though I’m dead
er name passes through my head
I can’t go on like this
Began even without a kiss
Try to think as though you’re a puppet
Do you think you could deal with it?
Do you think you’ll make it alive?
Do you need my cover?
My shelter from his storm?

Can’t think of a place I’d rather be
I’m happy it’s not you and me
You’re better off with him
I was reaching out on a limb
I made a huge mistake
For the last forever

I watch you from a far
Talk to you on the phone
But what happens when he’s gone?
Will our relationship carry on?
Should I run away?
Or do you want me to stay?
I live as though I’ve died
Please forgive me, I lied
I really do care for you
There’s nothing either one of us can do
My life is so clever
For the last forever