It’s nice to know, there’s someone out there that cares
It’s nice to know, that when I speak my words, she hears.
All my heart that’s been poured out onto her hands
For this woman, I’ve shared with my future plans.

My heart’s been empty like a dry river bed, so long
My soul’s been searched, the thoughts in my head, so wrong
I can’t comprehend, the meaning of these words you say
You’ve confused me, in many such a way

It’s nice to know, that my words aren’t getting through
I’ve stopped caring, I’ve left it up to you
I fight myself to stop speaking these words
I tell you truths to stop my own hurt

It’s nice to know you smile, passing by
It’s nice to know, I’m the glimmer, in your eye
I feel better, knowing you noticed me
I feel better, yet still I can’t see

It’s so nice to know, your heart is full of lies
Not nice to know, all you’ve led, demise
I’ve been lost, forbidden in my world to be
It’s nice to know, still I’m all you see.