An ocean to cross, no boundry for me
There’s no love loss, and now I can see
Every day, I worked harder to make you realize
You know I’m serious, but the look in my eyes.

And there’s nothing to change it all away
There’s no room for hiding, to stay today
Where time passes on, there’s no room for this
Heart broken, lost love. Forgotten with your kiss.

And now it’s all the same again
Another lost love in my friend
I’ve seen her cry too many times
I wish for once, she would be mine.

A mountain to climb, not yet too far
A heart that’s been lost, nothing more than my heart
And if everything we find, would I be dreaming?
Something’s got to be wrong, because my heart is screaming

And if nothing’s okay with me
They’ll hurt her, why can’t she see?
That the pain she’s to overcome to
Why can’t I say I love you?

To end this all, to be happy
To become myself and satisfy me
To be myself, and realize
It’s my reflection, in your eyes.