I put my fist in my mouth, so you can’t hear my words
I put the gun to my head, so you can’t feel my hurt.
I try to run away now, from this pain that I feel
I’ve got to get away now, this life is surreal.

I close my eyes, pretend I don’t see
I try to ignore this, that you’ve done to me
Blankly blinded by hypocrisy
I fear this time, it’s too late for me.

If I lay down and die, will you forget me?
Will you be mad, if I go willingly?
For this pain that I feel has grown too strong
If I were fine, would I have written this song?

Blatant truth, I refuse to see
My family gone, another page in history
I can’t hide from the truth I’ve become
This life I’ve led, is nothing but numb

Every day, the world passes by
I wonder why can’t I just die?
These words I speak, straight from the heart
This pain I’ve felt, right from the start

My soul is bleeding, I can’t feel a thing
I’d rather just end all my suffering
Why is this hatred so harsh on me?
Why won’t this life just let me be?

I beg of you, take me away
I’m feeling less of myself, each new day.
Could you tell me, where this path leads?
Will you fulfill, all of my needs?

Sometimes I just feel like I should quit
Even though I don’t think I’ve really had it
These words will fade away
More through more, each day.