Is this you, from afar, who I’ve seen?
Is this you, in love, with who I’ev been?
As I gaze upon your starry eyes?
I stop and think and realize
For maybe just once, this time.

A thought that I once thunk of you
It never has trule sunk, it’s true
For my heart could be so loud
Yet my voice shall make no sound
And I somehow manage to go on

I try not to start, but somehow I can’t help it
I fight back the urge, but it’s still there.
I try to pretend I really don’t
I try to hide it, but I still care

And I live how, I’ll live the same
The asme as now, I’ll never change
For me, I am what I am
For nothing will I budge

Concentrate on yourself, she said
Try to grow up a little bit
If you hear me speaking to you now
There’s got to be someway somehow

You smile so unknowingly
no idea what you’ve done to me
My heart’s been lifted so many a beat
For you swept me off my feet

Ashes to ashes, yet still dust to dust
I have to do this, for you I must
Walking away, so nonchalant
You are the one that I want

Is my heart broken, you ask of me this day
I say no, but if anyone could, you may
And it’s you that holds this heart of mine
Now I’ve got all this wasted time

I don’t know what I’m to do
But I can’t stop thinking of you
This is something I’m going through
I’m not even sure if it’s true.