Surely it’s a dream, this thing I’m living
Somehow something’s wrong, I’m taking and not giving
Something wrong, given to me
I’ve got to be myself, forever to be
I’ve been jaded so long ago, I’m not real
A hidden holocaust, I cannot feel
This thing I’ve been given, exasperated
Like my surroundings have vanished, been evacuated.

Surely I can’t feel, the pain you say I give
I think you’d be better, if I couldn’t live
My body gets numb, as I lie cold
Standing up for me, so courageous and bold
Believe in what I stand for, is all that I ask
Not for a lot, not that great a task
I’d get down on my knees, to prove this to you
It’s you I choose to please, I alerady thought this through.

These pages so blank, like my pale expression
It seems lately, I’m trapped in a great depression
Scratching at the walls, there seems no way out
Breaking down the walls, scream with fear to shout
My eyes have forseen, thsi blood pouring down
I know what might have been, a smile from a frown
There is no escape, from this prison I have created
Forming oppositions, I’ve been sanctioned and traded.

Why can’t I see, this horror you say I create?
i’m forcibly impaired, for being too late
Scurrying by, walking past you go
Same routine each night, it’s you I shall never know
A vision in a dream, this that I once had
Of a memory I’ve got, of a man once called dad
As this horror catches up to me, I can not get away
Forgotten of myself, a little less every day.

These pages seem so full now, as I convey my thoughts
Remember all these words, that I once had fought
And I sit back, and realize I’m right
You’ve forgotten, I’m not going without a fight
You won’t let me win, but I just won’t qui
I won’t let you in, but you won’t submit
This time has ended now, I escape myself
I’ve made it out, this time somehow, I relieve myself.