Finished the week on track

It’s Friday afternoon and I just finished today’s run.  Though my body didn’t want to do it, I went three whole miles today.  I had wanted to do the 3.5 I ran yesterday, but I eased up and didn’t push myself too hard.

All in all, I ran a total of over half a marathon this week, just shy of 14 miles total.

I feel great.  My legs, hips and butt are pretty sore later at night, but I think my body will get used to doing the physical activity.  I’m not at all winded when I’m running, so I think my lungs have adjusted to the physical activity of doing the actual running, which is something I’ve never been able to do.

Having done over 3 miles every day this week, I think it’s safe to say that when I tried running earlier in my life, I tried to run too fast.  I always wanted to be the first one done, and it resulted in me getting winded and walking.  I learned to pace myself, and as long as I keep my mind focused on something else, I can keep going for the most part.

Though now that it’s getting warmer out, I have to figure out a solution to get some cool air blowing in my face.  Today and yesterday I grabbed a towel and hung it over the side of the treadmill to mop the sweat off occasionally so it doesn’t get in my eyes, which come to find out stings like a sumbitch.

Next week’s goal is to run all 5 days, 3 miles per day.  (I didn’t run Monday this week because I had to pick Christine up from the bus after her weekend away, and it threw off my timing.)  Total of 15 miles next week, and possibly for the rest of the month of May, too.

If I can do 3 miles every day, five days a week for four weeks, I think I’ll be ready to step up the pace of the miles.  Right now I’m doing the first mile at a 12 minute pace and the last two at a 15 minute pace.  (This was just today and yesterday, the first two days I did all 3 at 15.)

I started looking for 5ks to run later this year, and it appears there’s no shortage of those, so I shouldn’t have any issue in trying to find one to do sometime in September once it’s cooled down from the summer months.

I haven’t weighed myself yet, but I certainly feel skinner, which is good.  I always give up when I get on these health kicks because I don’t see immediate results, and I give up thinking it’s not doing anything.  Here’s hoping I can keep this going.

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