Design Updates

I’ve been hard at work the last few nights working on various projects:

  •  Did some more design changes to the Lace Reader website last night. Added new menu items, a “send a quote card” section, a reviews section, and a section for press & media to get downloadable materials.
  • Did more work on the pagination script for the “all about Salem” website that Christine and I are working on.
  • Trying to creatively come up with some ideas to improve the usability of MovieSnobs to increase return users, and loyalty.   Right now, I don’t think just having the movie reviews is cutting it.
  • Renewed the domain name last night.   Am going to try to rethink the purpose of it, and redesign it accordingly.   While it’s fun to have what it is now, no one seems to be interested in it, and haven’t submitted anything in a while.   I’m surprised it doesn’t get more traffic, if you Google the phrase “top five albums”, we’re the first result.   You’d think people might look for that sort of stuff.

That’s about all I’ve got going on, for right now.   That’s my update.

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