A Month later?

Wow, a lot’s happened in the last month.   Where to start, where to start?

  • MovieSnobs is doing great.   We set a new record for unique visitors per day last month (average), and are already on par this month to beat that record.   Christine’s been kicking ass, spending a lot of time working on content.
  • We started a few new websites, including a “corporate” site, for ourselves.
  • I went to Canada for work. (PEI, and Nova Scotia)
  • I went to Phoenix for work. (It’s hot there, don’t go. Trust me)
  • I finally got the new computer up to 100% working.   Even with all its quirks, I still like Vista.   It’s aesthetically pleasing, and once you get used to it, it’s fine.

I’ll be spending the next few weeks/months working on the various TopFive related things that are on my plate, including a redesign for MovieSnobs, a design for TVSnobs (one of the new sites), a design for TopFiveInc.net (another new site), helping our friend Trish learn how to use her new site, and writing articles and reviews for MovieSnobs.

I picked up a copy of The Prestige over the weekend, the book, not the movie. So far, the book’s more interesting and confusing than the movie.   Of course, we all know how much I loved the movie, however, I’m starting to think I like the book more, and I’m only half way through.   Will post again, once I’m done.   Hopefully the end holds out, and isn’t a disappointment.

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