Tattoo Removal Process – Week 4

Okay, the title of the post is a bit misleading — but we’re halfway between three weeks and four weeks, so I’m rounding up for the sake of simplicity.

It’s been exactly 23 days since I had my first laser tattoo removal treatment.  I thought that I’d not really notice anything, but as I said originally in the day one post, I did.  And I continue to notice it.

As I look at the tattoos on my arms now (I obviously can’t look at my back without a handful of mirrors or a camera), I can tell they’re still getting lighter.  Most noticeably, my right tattoo has spots where the red circle is almost transparent now, which is kind of astounding when you think about how I’ve only had a single treatment so far.

I’m pretty optimistic on what that means for the remaining nine treatments that I’ve already paid for through Disappearing Inc.  My next treatment is about a month from now, just before Christmas.  I look forward to being zapped and uncomfortable for a few days again and seeing what the second treatment does.

What I’ve learned between treatment one and now:

  • There are days when your skin will become extremely itchy.
  • Your skin will dry out — use lotion to stay hydrated.
  • You’ll obsess over seeing the lines fade day after day.
  • Your muscles will feel stiff from time to time and you may be uncomfortable if your tattoo is in a place that you rely on to sit.
  • Your shoulders (if you have tattoos there) ay feel like you’ve worked out at the gym a bit too hard.

All in all, I’m still glad I’ve started this process.  I wish it were a one and done thing, since the actual removal process isn’t exactly rainbows and puppies, but I’ll keep going and get it done.

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