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New Webhost

As of right now, I’ve got two webhosts.  My previous webhost, that I’d had for almost 4 years now screwed up pretty majorily over the last 10 days, losing 20 of my MySQL databases, twice.  That, coupled with their terrible MySQL speeds forced me to look for a new host.

Over the weekend, I signed up for hosting with a relatively new hosting company. The price was right, and I figured what’s the worst that could happen? It couldn’t possibly be worst than that other company, so I went for it.

I moved over 6 domains so far, and the majority of them are lightning fast, including those using MySQL.  I’ve never had a host that utilized MySQL on the same server as my website before, but it’s nice having “localhost” for MySQL.  It’s certainly much faster.

Their support, so far, is great.  My new server went down last night. I noticed it (because I was working on moving stuff), and contacted their live chat.  It’s evident that the live chat people are in India somewhere (but really, who doesn’t outsource?), so they said they’d notify an admin.  The server was back up 3 minutes later, literally.

That, and they promise a 30 minute response time, in most situations.  You can buy premium support, but I’m sticking with the basic stuff for now, to make sure I don’t end up hating these guys, too.

So far, so good.  Only another couple dozen domains to move, and I’ll be canceling my other hosting package early.  I really hope they ask why.