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Omega Pedals Review

So, I got my two Omega pedals (and twin rocker) two weeks ago.  And holy shit, wow. Amazing.

Having played drums for half my life now (15 years), they were easy to set up.  I had no issues figuring it out, like some reviews of Omega pedal have pointed out.  Since I’ve played Pearl pedals since I was old enough to afford them, it came naturally to me to set them up.

They do take some getting used to, which others have noted.  I probably could have done with just one, but why not get double bass, right?  You really need to hold the pedal down, which is what I’d call a downside, until you get used to it.  The way the pedal’s set up, if you let it bounce back even a little bit, it’ll register another hit, which you don’t want.

Another downfall is that the pedal(s) don’t clamp onto the drumkit as well as the stock plastic pedal does.  Which, if like me, if you have to move the drumkit from where it’s stored, to in front of the TV, becomes somewhat of a task.  You get used to, but it’s not as simple as “pick up and go” like it is with the stock pedal.

The pedal itself performs exactly as you’d expect a real drum pedal to.  It’s a Pearl pedal after all, they’re amazing.  Once you get used to the pedals, you certainly play better. With the stock pedal, songs like Aqualung were difficult for me, the repeatitive motion of constant bass pedaling, gets tiring. Especially when you’re fighting the reverse motion of the spring in the stock pedal.

My best percentage on …And Justice for All:
Stock pedal: 97% – 23 notes missed
Omega pedals: 99% – 1 note missed (boy was I bullshit, too.)

At first, you may have some difficulty with getting used to the pedal (should you buy it), but keep at it.  I notice that with the Omega pedal I can play for many more hours than I could with the stock pedal.

As I said, I’ve been drumming for 15 years now, and would say I have great drumming stamina.  However, the stock pedal that comes with the wireless XBox drums causes strain after an hour or so for me. My inner thigh would start aching.   I’ve yet to experience that with  the Omega pedals.  Even after playing for 4+ hours at a time.  My ankle hurts a bit, because I’m out of practice, but not my leg.

Overall, would I say the Omega pedal is worth it? Totally.  It may seem pricey, but factoring in the cost of that Pearl pedal, Omega Pedals really are a good deal. If you were to strip the electronics from it, you’d get a  good old Pearl P120 pedal, which sells for the exact same price as the Omega pedal.

I’m glad I got mine.  If you’re serious about Rock Band drumming, and want to bring your A game, you should spend the cash to get one (or two) of these Omega pedals. They’re amazing, and well worth the money.

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RockBand Drumkit Complete

I finally got all the stuff I wanted to incorporate into the Drumkit for Rock Band 2.   It’s pretty bad-ass, if I do say so myself.

Total cost is roughly $435 for everything, but totally worth it.   So much fun.   Check out the gallery below.

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  • RockBand 2 Drumkit: $80
  • Omega Twin Rocker: $25
  • Omega Pedals x 2: $130
  • Roc ‘N’ Soc Drum Throne: $165