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So Far Removed

Packing up the rest of our stuff over the weekend kind of depressed me.   I looked at my collection of guitars, and drums, and microphones, and mixing boards and the like, and thought about it.

It’s been a good three years since I played anything, seriously.   And even longer since I’ve written anything music related.   I’m so out of the loop, it’s saddening.

What was once my dream to do full time, is now just a memory.   I gotta try to get back into writing, and playing.   Once we are done putting away all the stuff we own, in our new home, I’m going to restring my guitars, and start playing again.   It’s time to play a guitar that isn’t plastic.   I’m going to have to break up with Guitar Hero and Rock Band for a while.   Which is also sad.

Moving this weekend

Well, starting to.   Christine and I have finally had it with our loud upstairs neighbors, the shotty management, and the construction of the road 10′ from our bedroom window, and decided to move.

We’re starting this weekend.

We’re moving, also, closer to work, for me. Which will save me time, and money in gas. It’ll be nice to get home before 7PM every night, I’m super psyched about that.

I hate moving, and I don’t really want to pack everything I own into boxes, but the new apartment’s going to be much nicer.     It’s bigger, closer to family, has a second bathroom (no more make-up all over my stuff, sorry honey!), and has a patio that I can put a grill out on.     I’m pretty psyched about the move.   Which reminds me, I gotta go grab some boxes from NetOps.