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T-Minus 9 Days

Wow, the wedding snuck up quickly. It’s only nine days away now. Luckily everything’s done, except for the last meeting with the reception place to give them the remainder of the payment. Not fun, but no big deal.

Lots has happened since my last (barely) update. Let’s see, where to start:

  • Work is almost complete on our newest website, TVSnobs.net (sister site to MovieSnobs.net)
  • Starting to re-code all of the stuff I’d written for ToursOfSalem.com to update it to more of the stuff I know about now.
  • Began working on a website (and almost completed) for Kathy Diamant’s Personal Assistant services
  • Just about done re-doing a website for a friend’s brother’s dry cleaning business out in western Massachusetts.

Lots going on at my day job, too. Our merger with another company is about 80% done with the hard part, which is good. The stress is certainly starting to show itself, though. You can tell the office is different now. Hopefully it’ll go back to normal post-merger. I personally can’t wait for vacation.

Speaking of vacation, I just got off the phone with the Wynn, our reservation is confirmed and we’re ready to go. I can’t wait, I’m going to take a ton of pictures out there this time. Hopefully we can get in on a Grand Canyon tour that we’re looking at, and take a zillion photos there. I’m glad we’ve got a digital camera, I can’t believe it took me so long to buy one.

Oh, other things that we bought, lots! We got our new TV delivered last week, it’s awesome. 40″ Sony Bravia LCD, has the greatest picture ever. So, now that we had a 1080P TV, we had to go buy a Blu-Ray player, since it “won the war”. We already had an HD DVD player, courtesy of Christine’s aunt and uncle, but we decided to splurge and get the Blu-Ray. Instead of buying the regular player, we got the PlayStation 3, which is pretty bad-ass. It’s not as impressive as the XBox 360, but it’s still pretty cool. Blu-Ray looks amazing on the new TV. So does the XBox, for that matter. Halo and Rock Band in 1080P is pretty impressive.

Got all that new stuff just in time for the video game afternoon that will be my bachelor party, with Christine’s younger brothers. Should be a good time, week from tomorrow. Can’t wait!

I think that’s all, for now. More updates coming once life has stabalized, or I have more to say.

Update on things

It’s been a few weeks. Things have been crazy. We’ve got this ginormous merger happening at work, and it’s finally “started”, so I’ve been occupied all day, every day.

Quick update on me, in case anyone cares:

  • MovieSnobs set a new unique visitor record last month, for us. Which was double the month before.
  • Started getting work done on some new projects.
  • Wrote a project management application, similar to one we use at my day job.
  • 105 days until the wedding, I can’t believe how fast it’s approaching.

That’s it. I’m really not all that interesting, but felt compelled to post something, so the site changed. Will have some more “tech” type posts coming up shortly.