Systematic Chaos – Dream Theater

Christine  picked up the new Dream Theater disc for me last week (special edition, to boot), which is fantastic.   The special edition came with a “Making Of” DVD, which I watched before listening to the disc, and was great to watch.

You’re probably thinking “What’s a Dream Theater?”   Good question.   I think I was about 15 or so when I heard of Dream Theater.   They were featured in a drum magazine I frequently bought (Modern Drummer), and I thought the band name was interesting.   So, in a never ending quest to find a new band that was great, that my friend Dan hadn’t discovered already, I went out and picked up Falling Into Infinity, which to this day is still one of my all time favorite discs.

So, here we are 13 years later.   I think there’s over 25 Dream Theater discs in my collection now, not including half a dozen DVDs, and even a few VHS tapes.  

The new disc, titled Systematic Chaos is fantastic.   Dream Theater rarely disappoints their fans, at least not me.   Every album they put out is more impressive than the last.   When people ask me what Dream Theater is, I respond with this:

“The most talented collective group of musicians on the face of the earth.”

And I stand by that.   These guys are the epitome of what talent is.   Here’s a link  to their website.   If you like progressive, mind numbing, mathematically perfect rock music, give them a listen.   I guarantee you’ll enjoy them.

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