New plugins written

So, with all my free time lately, I’ve been learning the ins and outs of Firefox plugin writing.   That, and Google gadget writing.

 So, I wrote a plugin, and a gadget.   For MovieSnobs.   The first, the plugin, is a search plugin for Firefox.   Simply visit the website, in Firefox.   Then head up to the little search box in the top right corner of your browser.   Click the little down pointing arrow, and select “Add MovieSnobs Search”.   That’s it. Now, when you type a movie, or actor into the search box, you’ll get the results directly on MovieSnobs, from our database.   Nifty, eh?

The second, the gadget for Google’s customized homepage, does the same thing.   Installing it’s a bit different though.   First, go to your customized homepage for Google, and click the “Add Stuff” link.   Then “Add by URL” link (the teeny tiny one) next to the button. And enter  into the box they give you.   Click the “Add” button, and then “OK” on the warning message. Don’t worry, it just says that what you’re installing wasn’t written or provided by Google.   It’s safe, I promise.   That’s it, voila, search directly from your iGoogle page.

Fancy, eh?   Even more surprisingly, it was pretty easy to learn how to do, too.

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