New code written for

I wrote  some new features for my pet project,, that  I  implemented over the last few days.

  • New search results – The search engine for  the site was rewritten to include more results, and it’s more targeted to get more information  the searcher is  looking for.   Now, in addition to searching the reviews, the search will also give   results from our front-page posts, and our cast database.  
  • AJAX user ratings – Now, when viewing a review of a movie on our site,  users can add  their own vote, based on what they thought.   Along the left, in the “Review Info” box, there’s a “Your Vote?” section.   The information gets automatically saved, and remember it during your visit, in case you forget.   The average user rating will be displayed on the page, for others to see
  • Firefox/IE search plugin – I wrote a pretty basic Firefox/IE search plugin, to search  the site.   To install it, do the following (when on the website):
    • Firefox – simply click the down pointing arrow next to the Google G (the default search engine), and select “Add MovieSnobs Search”.   That’s it!
    • IE  – click the down arrow next to the magnifying glass, then select “Add Search Providers”, then pick “MovieSnobs Search”.     When the little window pops up, click the “Add Search Provider” button, and you’re done.

I’ve got some other plans in the works for other features.  

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