My Second Book is Done

Well, not entirely. But the first draft is done.

I’ve got a handful of people reading it now to give me their feedback on what they think of it. Then I’ll do a couple of revisions and send it off to an editor. That’s the part that’ll take a while to get done. I’m pretty excited about the feedback so far, which is more than I can say for my first book.

It seems weird to sit here and write about books I’ve written or am writing. I’ve started so many things in my lifetime and given up on them, it feels really good to accomplish something in its entirety and put it out there for the world to see.

The new book will be called My Last Days. It’s the story of a guy who’s been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and is attempting to get through all of the things he wants to do and say all of his goodbyes before it’s too late.

We follow him on his journey through the last remaining months of his life, go on trips with him, and experience everything that he does on his bucket list.

I’m really excited with how it turned out, especially after the feedback I’ve gotten about it. I’ll update more as I get closer to having it released. But if you’re curious, you can follow along on the progress on my author site here:

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