My new job is great!

I’m really digging my new job. It’s nice to be at a company where things related to support, and customer service make sense, and they don’t necessarily feel like an afterthought, like I’m used to. Not only do all of the tech support tools make sense how they work, but the people that work in our support centers (internationally) know how to use them, too.

So far, I’ve just done a lot of learning, and sat in on a lot of meetings. My boss, Gary, has done a great job of showing me the ropes. As well as everyone else in the building. Everyone’s so friendly, and genuinely happy to be there. Again, something I’m completely not used to.

This is definitely a good thing, and a good place to be. We’re not sure when yet, but sometime in the next few months, Gary and I will be taking some international trips to our call centers, so I can get to meet everyone. When I say internationally, I mean Canada, India, and the Philippines. I’m excited about all the travel, but worried what I’m going to eat over there. After all, I am the world’s pickiest eater.

So, over the coming next week, I’ll be meeting with all sorts of directors and VPs of various departments, to get a feel for what they do, how they work, what types of projects they’re working on. It should be exciting.

For this week, I shared Gary’s office, since there’s no where to put me yet. Starting next week, there’s an empty desk on the other side of the floor (almost), that I’ll be sitting at, until we move. The company who subleased the other side of the floor from us, has moved out. So, we’re waiting for someone to come in (July 10th) and wire up our phone system, and internet so we can move over there. Once that happens, I won’t be the stray child off in another state.

That’s my update for this week. This weekend’s plans are: See Live Free of Die Hard in an hour and a half, when DNS propagation is done for a client’s domain name, I’ll be installing some CMS software for him, and testing it out, tonight Christine and I are heading into Boston to see a friend of ours in a play. I believe tomorrow is relaxing day, or as we like to call it “Horatio-ing”, which is basically us sitting around watching CSI: Miami on DVD, over and over again. Horation Caine is the man. Don’t deny.

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