It was nine years ago, you packed your bags and went away
Anger, hatred, and torn. I still feel the pain today
Is this all a joke, a dream I seem to live?
I’ve tried too hard, there’s so much more to give

Like I woke up in a dream, a nightmare oh so real
There’s emptiness in my heart, I can still feel
Said you’d write every day, and you’ll call all the time
But now sitting along, the only voice I hear is mine

It seems like yesterday, I was waving goodbye
But this thing I feel for you, is still locked up inside
Nine years ago, you said you’d see me soon
Never saw you again, until I saw you last june

I know you’ve moved on, and I’ve tried to do the same
Every time I think of love, I only hear your name
Not a day goes by, I don’t think of you
Every minute of my life, what can I do?

You seem content with this, life you’ve made new
And all I can do, is sit here, thinking of you
I know with time, the pain’ll fade, and I’ll be all right
But still, nine years ago, to this very night.