Strong enough to be afraid
Tempted by the thoughts of ever winning
Strong enough, yet still I’m vain
Tempted by your thoughts forgiving
Floating on this cloud so high
Strong enough, I’ll never die
Tempted by the fruits of choice
Heard my words, but not my voice

Strong enough to say goodbye
Yet not enough to let this die
Feeling tempted in the end
Strong enough, yet I won’t mend

Somehow I don’t feel the pain
Connection’s lost inside my brain
Power I once had is gone
Now I leave here and moev on
Control myself inside your mind
Strong enough to take my time
Tempted by the fruit of choice
I spoke my words, you heard my voice

Strong enough to walk away
Tempted by the thoughts of freedom
I feel the pain, now drives me insane
Tempted by complete sheer boredom
Strong enough to take the pain
Strong enough I won’t live in vain
Control my words, but not my voice
Tempted now, this is my choice

Strong enough to hear your say
Tempted by the pain surrounded
It’s a game that I won’t play
Looking at the lives, astounded
Strong enough to just be me
Tempted by the things I see
Fade away, just close my eyes
This will be such a surprise.