I can still feel your breath, on the side of my face.
I’ve shown I’m weak, I feel I’m disgraced.
I can still hear your voice, and it disturbs my mind.
Can I forget you, will this fade with time?

I can still feel your warmth, in the sheets at night.
I remember our words, the screams from that fight.
I yelled good bye, slammed the door as I left.
I still feel you’re here, and I can’t forget.

Now you’re faded, and the memory’s gone.
I feel the anger, yet still, I can’t move on.
You took away, only thing I ever wanted.
Took yourself away, now my dreams are haunted.

I can still remember the way I found you.
Cold, pale, and lifeless. I didn’t know what to do.
At first I cried, and I fell to my knees.
Screaming out for answers, someone help me please.

I dialed for help, get here a. s. a. p.
She’s taken herself, someone please come help me.
Crying in hysterics, as I hung up the phone.
Before I had you, now I live this lie alone.

I can still hear you crying, as I screamed at you that night.
Too late to take back, what I said in that fight.
My words were strong, my emotions on fire.
In a drug induced state, I couldn’t get any higher.

And I regret all the things, I never got to say.
I never thought that you’d be gone, it was only yesterday.
We both said some things, I guess mine were worse.
So you’ve taken yourself away, you eliminated the hurt.