Forever, in your eyes
Smiling upon me
There is no disguise
A love, destined to be

I see the future, see us together
I wanna glance in your eyes, and see my forever
The feeling inside, a serenity I’ve found
Close your eyes, fall asleep with no sound

As the house pass by, I lay watching you
Listen to you breathing, this life is true
Feel your heart beating, the pulse as I hold your hand
You’re my forever, I’ll forever be your man

The morning comes, you wake me with a kiss
And I realize out of life, all I want is this
To love someone, to love only you
I know that’s why I’m send here, what I’m supposed to do.

Your eyes follow me, as I make breakfast
I’ve loved before, but loving you’s the best
I close my eyes, still see you. You’re in my heart
I shut my mind, be with you. Love, from the start.

As I get ready, for the day to come
I don’t feel the world, you’ve made me too numb
I can’t fight this feeling, the onle I am to love
you are my savior, the one I dream of.

As I walk past you, closing the door
I realize now, I’ll only grow to love you more
You smile and wave, as I say goodbye
Because I see forever, shining in your eyes.