Cause I see you smile, and it makes me sick
And all the while, I put up with your shit

I’ve done this, to myself, I’ve broken the dreams that I had
And I blame, myself, becaues of these thoughts I get so mad
And I just wish, I had the answers, it’s eating me up inside
It’s all of you, regretted dreams, yet I don’t know why

And still nothing, though I’ve  tried endlessly
And my anger, rises violently
I have ruined, all the lies become, fading to reality  
Stare at the nothing, my eyes become, all you want me to be

Fine! I’m still nothing. Shattered dreams, I’ve become in your eyes
Alright then! I’ll  just go, I’ll disappear, and then you’ll realize  
Life’s a bitch! But then you get a clue, and smarten up now
Who gives a fuck! You’ll make it outta this shithole somehow

I’ve lost it, from myself, and I don’t know what to do
I regret you, and your lifes, so here’s a big fuck you!
For all this shit, the torment, the agony I went through
Now I’m gone, who fucking cares, I know it’s not you

 And now here, I fade into nothing again
I’ll just go, not like you fucking care
So I’ll smile, be a damn phony like you
I’ll move on, now I know what to do.