You left me, standing on that edge
Looking as I fall, watching life flash by

You left me, without a word to hang on to
Without my life in tow, without my pride

You just left me, not a second ago
With a “we’ll talk soon, goodnight”

You left me, not long enough ago
This didn’t happen, won’t let you go tonight

I see your face, so pale inside there
I tried to help you, but you didn’t care
My tears flowed forth, like a river unknown
My life seems empty, you’re all I’ve known

I remember, the last thing that you said
You said you love me, and you were going to bed

I remember the last thought I had
Those damn words, I still feel I’m too mad

I remember the vision in my head
The thought I had of you, the thought I had is dead

I remember the way you left me that night
I’ll talk to you soon, you were too weak to fight

I know now, that this is how it ends
A sudden tragedy, the soul that never mends

I know now, that the eyes close once again
That I never understood, the way you loved me, my friend.

I know now, that this is how it’ll be
I’m lost and scared without you, as you are without me

I know now, that soon enough I’ll see you
Reunited once again, and then the thought is through

So now here I am, wandering through the hallway
I don’t know where to go, or how I got here

And now here I am, confused in my own head
I know that I’ll find you, because you always care

Now here I am, wandering through your world
Trying to reunite with you, trying to find a way

Now here I am, I took myself to be with you
I couldn’t be without you, even that one day