Your eyes light up the dull night sky
When I’m all alone, you’re by my side
When the time ticks on, I know you’re there
You’ll never understand, how much I care.

When the night sky falls, and we’re on our way
Another adventure together, everyday
No destination in mind, as we drive down ninety-three
All I’ve got on my mind, is you and me.

All the laughs along the way we share
All your smiles let me know you care
All the time with you, is unreal
Shooting stars, I wished to feel

Countless nights, I think of you
Endless dreams, knowing what to do
Seemless life, of smiles so sweet
I’ll never forget them, what a treat

Shooting stars, and sleeping beauty
Curled up sleeping, next to me
So innocent, sweet and pure
I couldn’t ask for anything more

Perfection alive inside you, I now understand
My heart begins to race quickly, as you graze my hand
I smile on the inside, and laugh outloud
Everything I’ve done thus far, you’ve made me so proud

Everything I do, you support and say is great
Everything I want to do, you tell me it’s not too late
You make me feel 10 thousand times better than I am
My heart begins to race quickly, as you graze my heand

Shooting stars, and sleeping beauty
You’re a gift, handed to me
So much of all I want and need
So much, you are my everything.