It seems like so long ago
Time seems to have stood still
You said by now I’d know
I feel I never will

So many questions I have
So much I need to know
So much pain inside
From here, where do I go?

You destroyed me again
You took me away
You left me to fend
For myself, just yesterday
You faded from me
And left me behind
You disappeared
And I lost my mind

A puddle of tears at my feet
The rain pouring down
The pain has got me beat
Crying with no sound

I hear your voice in my head
I see you in front of me
But I know you’re not here
There’s no way you can be

So much trapped inside
Little I can do
All your thoughts on my mind
Everything I knew

I know I’m stupid
I know you’re gone
I just can’t do it
I can’t move on

Just yesterday, you were gone
Just a smile away
So much pain to move on
Just erase the pain

Staring down the barrell again
I can’t seem to change
Seems I always end up
Still feeling the same.

They all said “call if you need”
“You know you can rely on me”
But there’s no use, you see
Just yesterday, you left me.

And my god it hurts so bad
Every day of my life you were there
A dream of us, I never had
Until it’s too late to care

And so long I say to you
I’ll be by your side soon
I can’t deal with you being away
But you don’t died, just yesterday.