For long since remembered
A time long forgotten
A heart to be mended
Is a heart that’s been broken.

And I believe in things that have come and gone
This mind has shown, it’s been time to move on
Erupting heart, bleeds out my moral sins
Forgien heart, as my time begins.

A voice I’ve never heard
A face I’ve only seen
A voice I’d know was hers
Her heart might have been

Off in the distance, I see only this
Heart broken rememberance, forgave with a kiss
Mended time has healed, so rich and pure
If only now, I could be so sure.

A lost memory, of something I once had
I’ve forgotten me, and for this I am mad
I’ve been forced to remember no one’s time
I’ve forgotten all that once was mine

In the forground, I have forseen our time
In the background, I strive for what is mine
Fighting strongly, for what I beleive in
Showing proudly, the reasons I’m leaving.

I see her smile, from behind the painted wall
I gaze in her eyes, suddenly remember it all
A long lost look, that I once say you give
Final chapter in the book, like the life I’m forced to live.

All the walls caving down on my
Fed these lies, that I’m forced to believe
A long lsot vision, of a friend I wanted badly
A long lost look, I once saw you give me.