I thought I’d see you again
I thought I’d see you smile
I thought you’d laugh with me again
I thought you’d be here for a while

And all along you had other plans
The matter is out of my hands
There seems like nothing I can do
I thought I’d say goodbye to you

I cry at night when I think of you
I cry because I don’t know what to do
I’m lost and can’t deny this
I’d say goodbye with one last kiss

But you’ve gotta tell me I’ll be okay
You gotta tell me it’s all right
You’ve gotta take away the pain
Before you leave me tonight

Will I smile after you’re gone?
Will I know it’s okay?
Will I be able to move on?
Will I elude the pain?

Will you promise me always
That you will guide me?
Make it easier on the rough days
You’ll stand beside me?

And I thought I’d get to see you
I never dreamed this would end
I never imagined it’d be through
I never thought I’d lose my best friend.