She looks into his eyes, and comforts his pain
She sees through sadness, and makes it okay
His tears fade away, and everything’s alright
She holds him close, through his sleepless nights

With tears in her eyes, she pulls herself together
She loves him so much, she’ll love him forever
A bond that I, could never understand
The way he grasps and holds onto her hand

A tear falls from her eyes, as he’s finally asleep
Sudden tears of joy, she begins to weep
No matter her pain, his laughter can solve it
It’ll always be the same, with the world around it

He starts to look for her, as soon as she steps away
Learning and growing, a little more everyday
Time goes by, and we grow in a new way
And we all may change, but still we’re here

She stands with him in her arms, as his eyes close
She’s the only form of love, thus far, that he knows
She’s the sun that wakes h im,. the heat when he’s cold
The cool breeze when he’s warm, that’s what my eyes are told

She’s stand by him, though every choice in his life
She’ll guide him through, help him choose what is right
He’ll look to her, like you’d expect he would
She’ll teach him everything, like a good mother should

And now I’ll never forget, this vision I now have
How she is with him, I wish I could have had
I wish she woulda held me, at night while I cried
I wish my mom woulda cared like her, I wish she hadn’t died.