You always told me, no matter what you’d be there
You said you promised, and regardless what, you’d care
But I can’t see you, now that I need you
I’m searching for you, I’m lost without a clue

You said forever, and forever’s a long time
You said always, and you’re still on my mind
Try to help me, even though you’re really gone
Send me answers, help me move on

When you told me, that throughout life I could come to you
I thought that meant you’ll help me, when I don’t know what to do
I guess I was wrong, cause now here I sit without you
Trying to figure this out, trying to fix what is true

I’m lost here again, and you said you’d help me
I’m still crying, like I did the day you left me
I’m considered shallow, for not forgetting what we had
I’m losing sleep, from years without my dad

I’m breaking ground, moving int he right direction
I’m gaining knowledge, I’m making this connection
I’ll still need you, for the rest of my years
I know you won’t be there, so I’ll continue my tears.