As I watch the drops of rain fall
I sit still and remember it all
As the clouds do roll away
I sit and proudly say, I’m still here.

In the morning, the sun will rise
And soon I will look in your eyes
And you will see
While I’m still here, you can count on me.

In the night, the sun will set
But in my heart, I will not forget
All that you’ve been to me
Forever I will see, I’m still here

I hold on to you, so dearly tuight
As we sit and watch the fire crackle tonight
And I think back when
You were my best friend, I’m still here.

Each flake of snoe falls from above
Each thought I think of you, is love
Each breath I breathe for you
As well as everything I do, I’m still here.

The tide rolls in and out each day
But I think of you more than I may
And as I sit and wonder why
I think this time will slowly die
And you’ll finally realize

I’m still here.