They say, that when you find that special one
Hold her close, don’t let her leave until life’s done
What God has brought together, let no man break apart
There seems to be no more room, you’ve taken my whole heart

And its’ you, I live for. It’s you I wish to love forever
It’s you, I strive for. I’ll be here forever
You’re the one, whom I’d love to be my wife
I look back, I only remember, you in my life.

I’ve been told, that true love does exist
But now I know, that my heart never missed
You’ve taken me, on a rollercoaster ride
I’ll be with you, forever, all my life.

And it’s you, that I need. It’s you I’ll always love
And it’s you, that makes me complete. You’re the one I dreamt of
You’re the one I want for all time
I only see you, in my life.

They once said, that only real live feels this good
And I knew, that with you, it would
Because you, you’re the one and only
It’s so true, you’re the one meant for me.

And it’s you that makes my heart beat. I love you more than words
And it’s you that makes me complete. I need you moer than that
You’re my love, for the rest of my life
I’ll keep you in my heart, my mind and in my life.