A long long time has passed, and I don’t know what to say
I wish there were an antidote, to wash it all away
I acted foolishly, and I just can’t apologize
It seems I turn to putty, when I look into your eyes.

I broke a vow I made, a long long time ago
It seems here in the future, somehow I still don’t know
I fade away, into darkness each night
From you I faded away, without even a fight

You give me reason to keep fighting on
You’re the reason why my words are so strong
Can I console you, at the same time I condone you?
I don’t know what it is, keep doing what you do.

I fear the future now, it seems so long and cold
I’ll tell all my life, of the things I wasn’t told
You forbade me, to hate who I was
When I confronted you, you only said just because.

Just because I’m the same guy, you fell in love with long ago
Could it mean we aer destined, by now you should know
Only one lief that we both live, and it is to share
Only know that just because, I will always care

And if forever shows itself, and I break down and cry
Then know it’s not your fault, it was something deep inside
I fade away slowly, into the future that never was
The only thing that comes to mind, is you saying “just because”