You said I could have anything
I’d be happy, just hearing you sing
If I could, I’d give you the world
You know I would, I’d change it all

Then there you are, smiling again at me
I’m not quite blind, I still see
Everything has happened, for a reason
What if we give up, and start believing

I can’t promise you forever, I don’t know where I’m going
But I’ll give you right now, without even knowing
If I could, Id’ change it all
Give you the world, in a bottle

But there’s so much more, than just falling in
And I know that it hurts, but let this begin
I can’t tell you how much you’ve made me smile
I can’t promise forever, but I’ll be here for a while

Did you mean what you said, that forever’s a world?
I know what I meant, I’d still change it all
This world that I’d give, could be everything
But I’d give it all up, just to hear you sing.

A smiling heart, forever glowing
A mended soul, without even knowing
You give me peace, relax all I am
You made me smile, a happier man.

But all this world could fade away, as long as you are here
Everything else could wash away, if you don’t I’ll still care
And the world seems so cold now, but I’m here to keep you warm
The air feels so clear now, like it’s after the storm

I can’t promise you forever, don’t know where we’re going
But I’ll give you as long as you want, without ever knowing
And it doesn’t matter what they say, I know forever still
And if things ever evolve, meet me in Osterville.