From the moment I first saw you, I knew you were the one
To spend the rest of my life with, won’t let you leave until I’m done
If I could have it all again, I wouldn’t change a single thing
You’er the only one I’d ever, imagine to wear my ring.

Upon a pedistool, I hold you so high
thinking back up on our time, I can’t help but sigh
Another human being, created just for me
There’s nothing in my life, that could be made more perfectly

You’re my one true love, my world, my heart. You’re everything I need
You give me all the things I want, you make me complete
Your smile reassures me, that you’re my destiny
Staring into your eyes, you’re staring back at me

Words can’t describe to you, how it is I feel
I only know when you’re around, the feeling is surreal
My arms twitch, my toes they tingle, at the sight of you
You are my best night’s dreams, all of them come true

I feel I let you down each time, that I say I love you
There are no other words I speak, that are more true
You’re my forever, you’re all the things I need
Without you here, by my side, my heart would continue to bleed.