If this is all I can give
Why should I want to live?
If you’re all that’s gone away
What makes this worth, another?

A hand that lifts me up
A soul that holds me there
Reflections of a great ones flared
Does anyone even care?

If I go away
Will you remember me?
Of if I should stay
Would you forgive me?

I know this heart’s bleeding wrong
I know that I’m unstable
I know what I should be
It says so on the label

Where do I turn from here?
Which direction do I choose?
Should I last one to care
Or do I always lose?

In this world, it’s me and only me
Fighting to stay on top of this heap I call my life
Forgetting who I’ve been, is what I feared now
Losing my friends, is all I look down upon

Where, which way do I go?
These questions I don’t know
A hand to lift me up
But who’ll hold me there?