Sitting here, alone again, starting at the wall
Trying to remember me, knowing it’s not my fault
Confused and lost again, trying to get by
My heart ain’t broken, so why then do I cry?

My heart you held before, caressed me back to life
My soul you held in your hand, promised to be my wife
Things went wrong, now I sit here all alone
What’s gone wrong? And why’s my life been blown?

Sitting here always still, staring into the sun
At the alter stood standing, confused by what you’d done
Left me there waiting, you knew you’d never come
Alone I cry and, hold tight upon my gun

I sit here by myself, because I’d rather be alone
Staring off into nothing, nothing is good enough
Waiting for you, with our family
Same old song, but all I’ve got is gone

A tear dripping down my cheek, as I walk forth to you
A heart that’s broken again and again, as you do what you do
Uncontrollable, tears that I have cried
Not a clue, as to how or why

What you were, an angel from, the heavens up aboe
I used words to describe you, which defined themselves as love
I broke a vow I made, to always remain true
Blinded by, this love I had for you

Here I am again this time, staring into her eyes
Wondering out loud if, it’ll happen again this time
Will again I stand, while she laughs at me?
All down the aisle, forever will we be?

Sitting here alone tonight, thinking about the past
Wondering this time, if this love will last
Should I be afraid? I’ve been hurt before
I’ll watch my back, I won’t hurt anymore

A hand to hold me up, a soul to keep me there
I think of you in the past, you never really cared
But now it’s her, my wife, my bride, my love
Not a broken heart, my angel from above

So whever you are, I say this to you
Are you proud of what you’ve done?
I’ve moved on from what we went through
Now I’m completely in love