In a world where it’s only me & you.
How could there be another?
In a love you said was true.
Why’s he the other?

I’ve spent endless nights, crying away time.
I’ve fought too damn hard to let you slip away.
I guess you lied, you promised to be mine.
Yet slowly, I’ve arisen, I’ll be here to stay.

Darkness, closing my eyes to blindness.
Re-evolving this world we live in.
Damned, due to your own kindness.
I’m trying too hard not to give in.

I nod my head as you walk past.
I can’t fight this urge I have gotten.
Why am I considered last?
Somehow I must have forgotten.

I’ve finally broke the barrier I forbade.
I’ve overcome the thing I thought I never would>
For what I am, is what I have made.
But inside I never thought I could.

My eyes go fuzzy as I pretend to see.
The grown man cries& walks so frantically.
These last two lines make no sense to me>
Yet I press on throughout, persistently.

I finally found the thing I’ve been looking for.
IT was gone once long ago.
And I have found it once more
Yet still I don’t somehow know.