The lights flicker on
And I struggle more and more
Fighting for what I’ve got
Stopping you from walking out my door.

The door swings wide open
You step inside slowly
Fighting to stay aliev
Pretending you don’t know me

When’s it gonna be me turn?
When will I be on top?
When am I gonna win?
When will this pain stop?

Once to start from starting over
Hear the sounds of hurt inside me
Fight the sounds of rolling thunder
This pain’s real, objectively

I hear your pain and screams in my heart
I’ve known this time, right from the start
You’ve fought to tell us the truth
You fought to escape your roots.

You say never, but I know he did.
He’d have sold you, to the hightest bid
In a corner, crying shamelessly
You know it, I can see

The truth, sometimes, so hard to tell it
Even sometimes, you’d have to spell it
I’ve trued to look in deeply
But you wouldn’t let me see

Why this pain, did you hide from me?
You know you should have spoken up.
You know, damn well, why I’m angry
He shouldn’t have beaten you up.