A long time ago, I knew where I wanted to be
For all I know, is this that I cannot see
And I’ve been blinded again, like before
But this time, I’ve closed the door

Long time from now, I’ll be where I want to
thinking somehow, I’ll be there with you
And I’ll be me once more
But this time, I’ve closed the door

And I’m standing. Five minutes over heaven
Blinding, for what have I got myself in?
And I’m trying, to find my niche in this time
Hiding, from what’s destined to be mine

Somewhere down this line of life we lead
All we beg for, we’ll received all we need
Everything asked for, given under this sun
changing it all, everything that I’ve been

I dreamt, one night, I was someone else
For fear, for fright, hiding I’m nothing else
I’ve been too strong to let me guard down now
I’m gonna survive, if there’s a way somehow.