You’re the angel on my should
The wind beneath my wings
I’m growing wiser as I grow older
I’ve never felt so many things

This time we’ve spent together
I’ve never smiled so much before
I don’t think that this could get better
Life’s changed since you can through my door.

The smile on my face
Giddiness in my voice
It’s got to be evident
For life, you are my choice
The skip you put in my step
The beat back in my heart
The feelings you’ve made me feel
I’ve known it was you from the start

You won’t ever know, just how it is I feel
There are no words to tell you
For this feels realer than real
What it is about you, I can’t pinpoint
What I do know is that
At the soul we are joined

You’re my heart that says “go on”
When my eyes say to cry
My soul that says “no one”
And my pride that feels to die

The whisper in my ear
That says it’ll be alright
You’ve taken all my fear
When you let me spend the night

You took away all the things I was afraid of
You made me think there was hope
You made me realize, there is love
When my future I’ve got to cope